America First Organization Pushes Battleground States To Enforce Prohibition on Non-Citizens Voting in Elections

The American First Policy Institute (AFPI) has been calling on battleground states to enforce current laws banning non-citizens from voting in elections. 

AFPI sent nine letters to the leading elections officers of Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virgina. The populist organization noted that these states have the largest illegal alien populations. 

The letters urged the states to use the National Voter Registration Act to guarantee that only legal citizens can vote in the elections.

“This issue should be straightforward – the federal government should be doing everything in its power to ensure that only US citizens vote in federal elections. This is their constitutional duty. Yet, the actions of the Biden Administration paint a different story,” Chad Wolf, former Acting Homeland Security Secretary and Executive Director of the America First Policy Institute, declared in a press release. “The American people deserve to know that states will take all necessary steps to ensure only American citizens exercise our sacred right to vote.”

The letters urge each state’s head of elections, be it the secretary of state or executive director, to determine if state governments are in compliance with the National Voter Registration Act.

“Due to the failure of the Biden Administration to secure the border, it is now incumbent on officials like you to ensure that the 2024 election is not compromised by illegal aliens casting votes. Since 2021 no less than 11 million illegal aliens have entered the country. This is a population greater than that of eleven states and the District of Columbia combined, which together account for 41 electoral votes in a presidential election,” the letter sent to Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes highlighted.

Election integrity is a major issue in American politics. Many election officials have a Banana Republic mindset when it comes to how they manage political affairs. Even worse, the mass migration influx to the US has further corrupted the country’s electoral process where tons of foreign nationals are allowed to vote and effectively exert political power that goes against the interests of the Historic American Nation. 

“There are already a number of municipalities and a dozen states which could allow non-citizens to vote in state/local elections,” Hogan Gidley, Vice-Chair of AFPI’s Center for Election Integrity, declared in a press release. “Our mission is simple, make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. Illegal voting by non-citizens would be cheating. So, what are these states’ plans to stop it?”

These calls for election integrity are laudable. Nevertheless, they must be followed up with concrete legislative actions to ensure that our elections are fully protected. That means immigration restriction measures must be fully implemented to guarantee that our elections are fully protected.

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