America First Patriot Jaden McNeil Permanently BANNED from Twitter, Nick Fuentes Receives Temporary Suspension

Twitter has brought the ban hammer down on American nationalist Jaden McNeil and also temporarily suspended Nick Fuentes without explanation.

McNeil’s Twitter account was permanently banned Wednesday. On Telegram he posted a screenshot of Twitter’s explanation, which claimed that he violated their rules against “promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm.”

McNeil was flabbergasted, as is evident from the screenshot caption: “Wait what? Lmao.”

In November of last year Big League Politics reported that McNeil was banned from PayPal for no discernible reason:

PayPal sent McNeil an email saying he violated their User Agreement, though without any explanation of how he did so.

“After a review, we decided to permanently limit your account as we found a potential risk associated with it. You’ll not be able to use PayPal to send and receive money or shop online,” one message said. “We noticed activity in your account that’s inconsistent with our User Agreement and we no longer offer you PayPal services,” another message said.

“PayPal just banned me. F*** Big Tech,” McNeil wrote on Twitter with a screenshot of an email saying “You can no longer use PayPal.”

Posting a second screenshot, McNeil added: “This is what happens when you rally for Our President [sic].”

Twitter also targeted Nick Fuentes, temporarily preventing him from posting tweets. The Big Tech giant did not give him a reason for the suspension at all, which will last approximately one week.

The official America First Updates account, run by Fuentes’ team, received a permanent ban as well. Fuentes has called this purge “totally coordinated.”

“We knew this would happen, already happened everywhere else,” he wrote on Telegram, adding that the “SPLC has been gunning for [him] hard ever since Jan 6th.”

Fuentes has long been targeted by Megan Squire, an Elon University professor who works with the SPLC and tracks hundreds of thousands of people she deems to be “far-right extremists.” Big League Politics recently wrote an exclusive piece uncovering Squire’s links to Antifa, including a John Brown Gun Club organization that supported one of its members firebombing an ICE facility back in 2019.

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