America First Patriot Kris Kobach Believes Democrats are Using the Wuhan Virus Crisis to Push Socialism

U.S. Senate Candidate Kris Kobach believes Democrats are politicizing the Wuhan Virus to push socialist policies.

He asserted, “Many Democrats are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to launch a full-bore push for socialism—making the socialist rhetoric of the early Democratic presidential debates look tepid by comparison.”

The former Kansas Secretary of State believes that Democrats are taking advantage of the Wuhan Virus pandemic to push for a “centralized, national health care system.”

That means “No more private insurance, private clinics, or private hospitals.”

Kobach correctly notes that “the communist country [China] that unleashed this plague upon the world was the epitome of centralized control.”

But for radical Democrats, that does not even enter the equation. For them, it’s control at all costs.

Sanders is not alone.

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio called for “a nationalization of crucial factories and industries that could produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo established a state-run hand sanitizer factory, and has even threatened the use of state power to control prices. This is only a testing ground for even larger collectivist schemes.

From a big picture perspective, Kobach understands what Democrats’ endgame is with these calls for government involvement in the economy during the pandemic:

Many on the Left are also calling for massive expansions of the welfare state that have little or nothing to do with the coronavirus. This is what the socialist Left has been demanding for decades. Their demands aren’t about bringing the coronavirus crisis to a swift close; they are about enlarging the dependency class. They are exploiting the coronavirus for all it’s worth.

Kobach called attention to how private companies such as General Motors and Tesla are stepping up to the plate to produce ventilators, when many naysayers only think the state should be involved.

In his view, “Only a robust private sector free from government regulation will be able to pull the American economy out of the impending recession when this crisis is over.”

Kobach gets it.

The former Kansas Secretary of State is a certified immigration patriot and understands the value of limited government.

He’s the only choice for America First patriots who believe in constitutional governance.

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