America First Patriot Rick Wiles Announces His Run for United States Congress

On April 25, 2024, political pundit and founder of TruNews Rick Wiles announced his candidacy for Florida’s 21st Congressional district. 

One of Wiles’ primary motivations for running for office was incumbent Congressman Brian Mast’s decision to don a uniform from his time serving in the Israel Defense Services. 

In a post that he published on X, Wiles said the following: 

I am a candidate for Congress in Florida’s District 21. Today the Sec. of State certified my name to appear on the Aug. 20 Republican Party primary. God willing, I will defeat Brian Mast. I will never wear a foreign army military uniform. Always America first!


Wiles vowed to put forward legislation “to make it a felony for any member of Congress—House or Senate and their staff members—to wear a foreign military uniform.”

“A felony,” Wiles stressed. “Put them in prison. It’s treason.”

Wiles is running on a platform to restrict immigration, restrain foreign policy intervention, introduce sound money principles, and defend the Second Amendment. This is essentially an America First platform mixed in with Ron Paul Revolution principles that were present during the former Texas Congressman’s presidential runs in 2008 and 2012. Wiles is easily an upgrade over the incumbent Brian Mast, who is another interchangeable neocon lizard slithering around Congress. 

When politicians have awful track records, they have to be punished accordingly. Allowing them to continue to get away with bad political behavior will only empower bad politicians and incentivize them to pursue even greater abuses of our freedom.

One of the best ways to hold them accountable is by using the primary system to punish them for their devious ways. Wiles is one candidate that America First patriots nationwide should support.

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