AMERICA FIRST: President Trump Fires Tennessee Valley Authority Chairman After Drive to Fire American Workers, Replace With H-1B’s

President Donald Trump announced his intention to fire the CEO of the Tennessee Valley Authority on Monday, citing the federally owned company’s recent track record of firing its American workers and seeking to replace them with cheaper, outsourced H-1B visa workers.

The President confirmed that he would secure the resignation of TVA CEO Skip Thompson, either through the federal company’s board, or through his own authority. The TVA is the nation’s largest federally owned corporation, created in Great Depression to provide electrical and public works services to a large region of Appalachia and the American South. TVA’s recent firing of 200 American workers had represented a stark departure from its original mission of providing gainful and useful employment opportunities in what remains one of the poorer regions of the country.

Thompson had raked in a salary of $8,000,000 dollars a year as the TVA enacted a firing campaign of its own workers, setting off alarms about executive greed within the publicly chartered company’s leadership.

The President made the announcement following a meeting with US Tech Workers, a pro-American worker organization that has been publicizing rampant greed and corrupt hiring practices in corporate America and the technology industry. Tech Workers recently highlighted the TVA’s replacement of its skilled American workforce with H-1B subcontractors, who provide cheaper labor at the cost of a reduced skill set and poorer services.

At the meeting with US Tech Workers, President Trump also signed an executive order punishing greedy outsourcing practices on the part of companies that receive taxpayer dollars through federal contracts. The new executive order entails oversight over federal contractors by the Department of Labor, which will audit companies for illegal H-1B replacement of American workers.

The TVA caved to the federal pressure immediately, making an announcement that the company would be reversing its recent firing of 200 American workers in favor of H1B replacements shortly after the President addressed the issue.

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