America First State House Representative Anthony Sabatini Blackballed From Committee Seatings

The Florida political establishment is kneecapping State Representative Anthony Sabatini’s political aspirations.

Sabatini is one of the Florida state government’s loudest voices for conservative causes and that has not made him a lot of friends in Tallahassee.

The new Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls is apparently shunning Sabatini by assigning the legislative firebrand to less committees than his fellow Republican in the House.

In a tweet he made on December 18, 2020, Sabatini first said “Received a LOT of questions today about the House of Representatives committee assignments that were just announced by the Speaker of the House @ChrisSprowls, in which I was assigned LESS committees than any Republican in my class—here is a letter that explains what’s going on.”

Sabatini added, “I’ll be issuing a follow up letter on this issue next week once I can confirm whether it was accidental that I was stripped of committees or whether I was targeted for being an outspoken conservative.”

The next day, Sabatini followed up, noting:

DAY 2 since I’ve been denied an amount of Committee assignments equal to my colleagues by Speaker @ChrisSprowls—whether I was targeted for being an outspoken conservative or whether it was “unintentional” is still to be determined.  @FLGOPMajority

The Florida representative added, “The answer is getting more and more clear” and then asked “And I’m the ONLY second-term Republican to be denied a chairman, vice-chairman, or whip position—coincidence?”

According to The Floridian, Sabatini believes that such a move by the GOP establishment does not promote unity. Sabatini remarked, “Targeting conservatives and stripping them of committees is not the way to unite the Republican Party.” In Sabatini’s view, the Florida speaker’s move “sends a clear and terrible message to the grassroots conservatives I represent.”

Sabatini is a team player for America First ideas. His energy is unmatched when it comes to Second Amendment advocacy, opposing mass migration, and even ending America’s perpetual wars.

The Florida State House representative has gone above and beyond by rallying against the voting irregularities and fraud in 2020 by calling on Congress to challenge the Electoral College votes of highly contested states on January 6th.

For the Republican Party to be able to win going forward, it must embrace, not punish, upstart officials such as Sabatini.

If not, it can kiss America’s constitutional republic goodbye.

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