‘America First Students’ Announces First Campus Group to Provide Conservative Inc. Alternative

Former Turning Point USA (TPUSA) organizer Jaden McNeil has launched America First Students (AFS) as an alternative to Conservative Inc. campus-organizing fronts that are insufficiently nationalist on key issues.

McNeil bailed on TPUSA amidst last year’s Groyper wars when TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk was bombarded around the country with uncomfortable questions regarding mass immigration, the LGBT agenda, and foreign aid to Israel.

“My misgivings with TPUSA first arose in the aftermath of the Covington Catholic incident. Many TPUSA associates initially sided with the left-wing mob, condemning the innocent high school students for having the gall to smile in the face of an adult’s aggressive behavior,” McNeil wrote in his resignation letter to the organization.

“I harbor no hatred toward homosexuals; however, as a conservative Christian, I do not believe that gay marriage and drag queens should be glorified and promoted,” he added. “This particular situation is part of a much larger problem: TPUSA constantly cedes cultural ground to the Left while focusing primarily on economics. The organization often ignores social conservatism altogether.”

McNeil made the official announcement regarding the formation of AFS from his Twitter page on Tuesday:


McNeil told Big League Politics that AFS will begin at Kansas State University, the institution in which he is enrolled, and then expand out from there.

“While we do have plans for AFS to be a national organization with a presence across the country, for now we’re focused on launching the Kansas State University chapter,” he said.

The AFS group will facilitate debate with all campus groups, even the Conservative Inc. organizations that have regularly blacklisted and worked with the Left to demonize America First patriots.

“Since AFS is decidedly not affiliated with Conservatism Inc., disagreements with other campus organizations are to be expected,” McNeil said after being asked if he anticipated any conflict from Conservative Inc. organizations.

“However, we value free speech and open debate, and therefore look forward to engaging in good faith with students of all ideological backgrounds,” he added.

AFS will be firmly in the corner of President Donald Trump during his re-election campaign, although the organization’s level of involvement in the effort “has yet to be determined.”

Best selling author and #StandWithICE founder Michelle Malkin, whose career has been under the gun by Conservative Inc. organizers because of her unwillingness to disavow the America First movement, is firmly in the corner of AFS as they pose a challenge to the supremacy of Conservative Inc. on campuses nationwide.

The cause of American nationalism may finally have representation on campus if this upstart organization is successful in their organizing efforts.

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