America First U.S. House Challenger Paul Bondar Sets the Record Straight Over FAKE NEWS From RINO Incumbent Tom Cole in Oklahoma’s 4th District Race

Independent businessman Paul Bondar is firing back against Congressman Tom Cole, an establishment Republican career politician in Oklahoma’s 4th District who is launching dishonest attacks against Bondar in a desperate attempt to keep his seat.

Bondar, a political outsider who has never run for office prior to this current race, calls himself an America First conservative and sought advice from renowned political strategist Roger Stone and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn before running for the Congressional seat. One of Bondar’s ads exposing Cole’s failed record can be seen here:

Cole is feeling threatened and has launched a desperate ad campaign falsely insinuating that Bondar is an imposter and a tax cheat. This has caused Bondar to strike back against Cole’s deceptions with a scathing letter setting the record straight and continuing to call out Cole’s record of supporting Uni-party corruption in Washington D.C.

“I recently became aware you are running a campaign ad that includes outright falsehoods about me,” Bondar wrote in his letter directed to Rep. Cole.

“Regarding your claim I owe unpaid taxes, I assure you and anyone else reading this letter that all of my taxes are paid and up to date,” Bondar said, noting that Cole is dishonestly misrepresenting a property tax balance of $6,000 that was temporarily open as a property was being sold, and that all property taxes were paid in full at the closing of the sale.

“I find it somewhat hypocritical you would want to raise the issue of residency in this campaign for Congress… You are attacking me on recently moving to Oklahoma, while the records show you have disconnected from Oklahoma long ago,” Bondar stated.

“While you keep a legal residence in Oklahoma on file so you can continue to maintain your position in Congress, you are in fact a resident of the D.C. swamp. You have long abandoned any Oklahoma values,” he continued, adding that “the truth is I have committed to Oklahoma and your claims I have no property in Oklahoma are categorically false.”

Bondar noted in the letter that his “business success has allowed me and my family to settle in Oklahoma and to finance my own campaign for Congress, so as not to be beholden to any lobbyist or special interest,” and Cole’s dishonest attacks are likely the work of a “D.C. swamp consulting firm [hired by Cole] to create a distraction from [his] voting record.”

Bondar pointed to Cole’s support of destroying the 4th Amendment with FISA secret court surveillance, adding limitless debt and spending to crush the purchasing power of the dollar as House Appropriations Chair, giving over $160 billion to prop up the corrupt globalist regime in Ukraine, and classifying parts of the Bible as “hate speech” under the guise of fighting anti-Semitism.

“The real issue at hand is that I am running because change is needed and you are failing the great people of Oklahoma and the great people of the United States of America who deserve better than how they are being treated by you and the other D.C. insiders,” Bondar said.

“In the interest of fairness and accuracy, I urge you to take down these false attacks on me, which is nothing more than an effort to confuse voters over frivolous issues not concerning your voting record and the disconnection voters see with your policies working against them, rather than for them,” Bondar continued, adding that “after speaking with thousands of voters personally during this campaign, they feel betrayed, abandoned, and alone.”

The primary election between Bondar and Cole is scheduled for June 18, and Bondar is pushing for a live debate against Cole in the days to come. The full letter can be seen here.

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