America is Expected to be Flooded by Close to 2 Million Migrants by the end of 2021

America’s border disaster under Joe Biden’s watch is reaching humanitarian levels of crisis. 

According to estimates from government officials, they expect two million foreigners to cross the US’s southern border by September of 2021.

A CNN report released on March 31, 2021 spilled the beans on some of the numbers of the incoming migrant wave:

Data reviewed by CNN shows that up to 1.1 million single adults are expected through September, along with up to around 828,000 families and more than 200,000 unaccompanied children. Border Patrol encounters are expected to continue to rise month-by-month, according to the projections, which can vary.

The last time Border Patrol apprehensions surpassed 1 million was in fiscal year 2006, according to publicly available data from Customs and Border Protection. Border Patrol arrests also climbed during the 2019 border crisis, but fell short of 900,000.

According to Neil Munro of Breitbart News, “Adults who are “encountered” are being pushed back into Mexico, at least for the moment. Once back in Mexico, most try to sneak across the border. If they are caught again, they get counted again. But if they are not caught, they sneak into the U.S. labor market, un-encountered. So the prediction of 1.1 million single adult encounters does not predict that 1.1 million adult migrants will get into the labor market.”

The Biden administration has made it a point to undo most of the Trump administration’s sensible migration policies such as “Remain in Mexico.”

“They actually want large numbers of illegal aliens to come into the country,” declared Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary at the Department of Homeland Security under the Trump administration.

Such expected inflows of migrants will undoubtedly depress wages for low-skilled American workers. Many will likely be displaced because of the fact that they won’t work for the kind of wages that most migrants from the developing world will agree to. In addition, the current migrant surge will put an enormous burden on public services such as education and healthcare.

Similarly, increased migration would place upward prices on housing prices as demand goes through the roof. Mass migration is also a boon for big business who get cheap laborers and an expanded consumer base. 

On top of that, there are major security concerns with having a porous border with Mexico. Its status as a veritable failed state has major implications for the US given its proximity to it. In other words, all the crime and disorder plaguing Mexico has a strong likelihood of making its way up to the US.

The Biden administration is clearly incapable of protecting the Southern border. This requires a true nationalist administration to tackle the problem head on. The Trump administration made a positive attempt in addressing the matter. Another Trump presidential bid in 2024 or worthy national successor can set things right. 

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