America Prays As Kamala Set To Become Head Of Regime For An Hour

Joe Biden (left) and Kamala Harris (right).

Kamala Harris has seemingly done all she can to avoid rising the political ranks through any remotely meritorious means, opting instead for illicit liaisons and the all-powerful Black woman card once whatever she had for looks started to fade. Fortunately for her, this next upgrade, albeit a very temporary one (most likely…), will come about simply due to how old the one person in front of her is.

According to Summit News, Joe Biden, child-sniffer-in-chief and current figurehead of the globalist project, will officially be transferring the power of the regime to Kamala Harris for around an hour as he undergoes what the White House is purporting to be a routine colonoscopy. Said routine colonoscopy is set to take place at the Walter Reid medical center.

Interestingly, this supposedly routine appointment did not show up on the schedule just the day before, leading some to question the true purpose of this supposedly very temporary hiatus. Some are also concerned for Biden’s general health simply because he is set to welcome his 79th birthday on the 20th of November, amusingly making him too old to be officially classified as a Boomer and the only person officially part of the Silent Generation to officially occupy the White House.

Indeed, Biden’s last major medical checkup took place during the primary campaign in December of 2019, when his physician Kevin O’Connor declared that the septuagenarian to be “healthy and vigorous”, leading some to question how those terms were defined, especially since Biden previously underwent surgery for a brain aneurysm in 1988 and has been suffering from irregular heartbeat for quite some time.

In addition to this, Biden is also on quite a large number of medications for a whole host of potential ailments such as seasonal allergies and sinus congestion.

In the event that something truly catastrophic happens to Biden for whatever reason, the one-hour transfer of power to Harris might very well be permanent. This prospect may delight those who care about how many oppression points a political leader has and concern many others who still remember Harris’ tenure as California’s AG.

Nonetheless, it would appear that many people are set to start praying for Joe Biden for a wide variety of reasons.

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