American Ambassador to Poland Gets into Squabble With Polish Government Over LGBT Policies

U.S. Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher is butting heads with the Polish government over its LGBT laws.

Twitter user @Progrockfarmer posted “Once again the Trump-appointed Ambassador to Poland is trying to bully the country into adopting pro-LGBT laws.”

Poland has gained international attention in recent years for passing laws that allow municipalities to keep radical LGBT agitators at bay,

President Donald Trump nominated Mosbacher to the position of Ambassador to the Poland back in 2018.

The Polish government stood up to U.S. Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher’s assertion that Poland is “on the wrong side of history” with respect to LGBT rights. Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz rebuked this statement and said that Mosbacher was summoned to the Foreign Ministry to discuss the topic.

Mosbacher made this comment during an interview for the Wirtualna Polska web portal. She asserted that human rights were universal and the Polish government was in the wrong for not respecting human rights.

Mosbacher commented on an open letter that was signed by 50 ambassadors to Poland that stood in solidarity with the Polish LGBT community. The American ambassador to Poland stressed the fact that Poland is a Catholic country and that the U.S. would not try to subvert that. Although she then went on to say that the U.S. believes in the equality of all people, and that anti-LGBT rhetoric will only alienate Poland on the world stage. She asserted that this alienation could have a negative impact on business and investment decisions. In addition, Mosbacher believes that Poland’s anti-LGBT laws could negatively affect military matters.

Przydacz announced that Poland’s Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau postponed a meeting with Mosbacher that was supposed to have originally taken place on October 6 to a later date. The Deputy Foreign Minister said that the Polish government was in disagreement with Mosbacher’s statements, especially with her argument that Poland was in the wrong for its LGBT policies. Przydacz made it clear that Polish law protected the non-discriminative treatment of all citizens irrespective of their origin, beliefs, or sexual orientation.

“One can safely say that Poland has always stood on the right side of history. A history that has often bound our countries and peoples,” Przydacz stated.

Przydacz made it clear that the partnership between the U.S. and Poland was “strong and enduring,” but highlighted how Mosbacher’s words “could have a negative impact on very good relations and bilateral cooperation with the US.”

Mosbacher’s behavior is as petty as it gets. Countries are unique in their laws and traditions, which should be respected.

It’s not the business of American diplomats to lecture countries about their supposedly “retrograde” policies. Especially, when it comes to policy that the politically correctness mob is pushing.

The Trump administration would be wise to vet its foreign policy professionals and nominate those who actually advance American interests and not get caught up in petty policy squabbles with other countries.

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