American Bar Association Refuses to Confirm Support for Due Process

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The American Bar Association (ABA) refused to answer Big League Politics’ questions about whether the organization supports the fundamental American principle of due process of law.

BLP reached out to the ABA to see if they believed in Kavanaugh’s presumption of innocence.  The basic question was this: does the American Bar Association believe in the fundamental legal principle of due process?

Jacqui Salmon, Principal Media Strategist, Communications & Media Relations refused to answer this question, instead directing me to a colleague. She told BLP that her colleague, Marc Davis, was the “expert” on the organization’s Kavanaugh statement.

“I’m not sure – you’ll have to ask him,” she said, when asked about due process.

After a tense day of testimony in the nation’s capitol Thursday from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and a woman who accused of sexual misconduct from more than 36 years ago, the ABA has called on GOP Senators to halt the Kavanaugh vote and for an FBI investigation.

But “innocent until proven guilty” is one of the baseline principles upon which American due process is built. Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell said that she would not even pursue a search warrant against Kavanaugh due to a lack of evidence.

It is a truly scary time in America when the organization that is charged with deciding who is allowed to uphold the law, operating out of purely partisan motive, decides to drop the presumption of innocence and protect an accuser whose basic claims cannot be corroborated.

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