Poll Reveals Americans are Growing Less Confident in “Woke” Military

A recently released public opinion poll that was covered inThe Hill showcased how the U.S. military’s reputation has taken a beating:

The Ronald Reagan Institute just announced that public confidence in the military has continued its precipitous drop. The institute’s November 2021 poll found that only 45 percent of those polled report “a great deal of trust and confidence in the military” — down 25 points in three years. The institute adds “Increasing numbers of Americans say they have little or not much confidence in the military, which is up 15 points in the last three years.”

The military isn’t the only public institution suffering a bad reputation, but it is used to basking in public esteem. As a result, it may not know how to recover.

In the last year, the Pentagon has gone in a decidedly woke direction by putting out recruitment videos extolling woke virtues such as “diversity”, “acceptance” and LGBTQ++ campaigns. 

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge reported that Republican Senators are calling out the military for its woke turn. Previously, the American military prided itself on values of “toughness, overcoming odds, and forging strong leaders and unit cohesion”. A few months ago, Texas Senator Cruz called out the military for becoming “woke and emasculated” which evoked a firm media backlash.

“Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea,” he posted on Twitter on May 20, 2021, when he responded to a video comparing Russian and U.S military recruitment ads. 

Rod Dreher of The American Conservative offered his thoughts on the falling public confidence in the military:

You can blame Obama and Biden, as well as the senior US military leadership, for the institutionalization of wokeness in the armed forces — and you can blame Trump for not doing enough to stop the madness. Word is getting around about what they have done, and are doing, to military culture. The brass is making enemies of the core people who serve.

Dreher called attention to how the overwhelming majority of recruits hail from southern states, which are most Republican, according to recent data.

Traditionally, this recruitment pool leans conservative and holds right-leaning values. As a result, woke social engineers in the military want to re-shape their views and behavior.

Writers like Ryan McMaken has previously covered the wokification of the military and how it is related to a bloated defense apparatus:

Over the past decade federal military and intelligence agencies have increasingly embraced so-called woke campaigns and policy positions. Specifically, these government agencies have taken explicitly ideological positions in promoting “pride month” and more recruitment of larger numbers of gay and transgender personnel explicitly for purposes of increasing “diversity.” Actual military concerns appear to be receding into the background even as the US military establishment has recently lost yet another war and blown trillions of taxpayer dollars.

For example, as early as 2014, the CIA was bragging that it “has participated in the DC Capital Pride Festival for the past three years … and is active in advancing LGBT diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the Intelligence Community.” More recently, the CIA in May 2021 released a series of recruitment videos clearly focused on recruiting personnel which would allow the agency to check certain diversity boxes.

However, The Hill emphasizes that America’s withdrawal Afghanistan and the chaos that ensued, which likely explains the military’s sullied image:

It was likely the chaotic retreat from Kabul in August — the first time the American people witnessed a defeat in real-time — that pushed the poll numbers lower. Added to that were the deaths of 13 service members killed by a suicide bomber at the gate of Kabul’s airport as they worked to speed the humanitarian evacuation. Of the 13, 12 were in their 20s, and all were volunteers.

There clearly needs to be a re-orientation of defense policy in America. First off, the military needs to be completely de-wokified. Then, there needs to be a shift in grand strategy which focuses on securing our border and the Western Hemisphere, America’s traditional sphere of influence.

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