Americans Have a Gloomy Outlook for the State of the US in 2023

According to a recent Gallup survey, Americans have a pessimistic view of where the country is headed in 2023. 

Per Gallup’s finding, eight in 10 United States adults believe 2023 will be a year of economic tribulations. They believe that taxes will rise and that the federal budget deficit will also widen. Over six in 10 believe prices will climb up at a high rate and the stock market will fall in the upcoming year — two developments that had already occurred in 2022. On top of that, over half of Americans predict that unemployment will rise in 2023. 

On domestic matters, 90% of Americans predict that 2023 will be a year of political strife in the US. 72% believe the crime rate will rise and 56% predict there will be an alarming number of labor union strikes. 

On the world stage, 85% of US adults believe 2023 will be filled with international instability. 64% believe the US’s power on the world stage will decrease. 73% believe China’s power will increase. 

Overall, the level of pessimism that’s being manifested by Americans is justified due to their political class’s pernicious policies — both domestic and internationally. The present ruling class does not care about the country’s well-being and only serves the narrow interest groups that originally brought them into power. 

A veritable regime change is needed for the US to correct course and bring about a political order that preserves the Historic American Nation.

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