Americans Recognize Trump’s Responsibility for Booming Economy Despite Fake News Barrage

President Donald Trump’s impact on the economy has been substantial, and the American public is realizing Trump’s success despite detractors in the media and think-tank class slamming his economic policies constantly.

According to a CBS News poll, seven in 10 Americans believe the economy is in solid shape with a quarter of Americans saying the economy is very good. More Americans are understanding Trump’s role in approving the economy, in a sharp increase from last year.

Ninety-four percent of Republicans believe the economy is doing well while 66 percent of independents share that assessment. Even 60 percent of Democrats, many of whom harbor disdain for the President, believe the economy is thriving under Trump’s guidance.

Forty-one percent of individuals believe that Trump is mostly responsible for the economic success, which is up a stunning nine percent from the beginning of 2018. Another 44 percent of individuals believe Trump is at least partially responsible for America’s economic success.

This puts the number of Americans crediting President Trump for the economic success at 85 percent. With the 2020 presidential election coming up, this news bodes well for Trump as Democrats continue to push Russian collusion hysteria.

Trump has not only made the Democrats look foolish, but has also baffled the free trade consensus of the Republican Party. Their predictions of economic doom surrounding his tariffs have not come to pass.

These free market doomsayers of the Republican Party establishment, who benefit from globalist managed trade policies, have criticized Trump’s economic policies for years, but none of their dire predictions have come to fruition as the Trump economy keeps growing.

Trump is in the process of making America great and prosperous again, and he is doing it by defying the conventional wisdom of the Washington D.C. think-tank class.

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