Americans Will Experience the Highest Thanksgiving Gasoline Prices Ever 

According to figures from the fuel-savings app GasBuddy, 2022’s average United States gasoline prices on Thanksgiving are projected to be at their highest all-time level for the holiday and will top the previous record from Thanksgiving of 2012.

Charles Kennedy of noted that “Despite the record-high average gasoline prices, 20% more Americans plan to travel by car for the holiday weekend, compared to 2021.” 

According to GasBuddy’s figures, the national gas price average is estimated to hover around $3.68 a gallon on Thanksgiving Day, which is roughly $.30 higher than 2021 and over $.20 higher than the prior record of $3.44/gal established in 2012.  

A country like the US, which has such bountiful energy resources, should not be suffering from these types of high energy prices. This is the product of a political class that has erected anti-reliable energy policies that generate higher oil and gas prices, which fall hard on the working class. It’s government regulation, not the free market, that’s causing these problems. There comes a point when intelligent political commentators have to start analyzing things correctly and offering real solutions to our problems. 

One key plank of a serious America First platform should be energy independence. This can only be achieved by fully lifting the red tape imposed on that sector and allowing for the oil and gas sector to fully thrive. We must go beyond tax cuts and start proposing the wholesale downsizing of the regulatory state to genuinely achieve energy independence. 

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