America’s Best Governor? New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

New polls from St. Leo’s University reveal that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has overwhelming support from Floridians.

Ryan Girdusky of One America News Network tweeted the results of this poll on December 3, 2019.


Girdusky tweeted, “New St. Leo’s poll for Florida has @GovRonDeSantis with absolutely mind-blowing approval numbers: Approve: 68% Disapprove: 20%.”

Then, Girdusky highlighted his conversation with St. Leo’s which revealed even more interesting approval information:

More detailed poll information can be found here:

DeSantis has become one of America’s top conservative Governors.

The previous administration of Rick Scott witnessed a massive betrayal of gun rights following the 2018 Parkland shooting when he decided to pass red flag gun confiscation orders.

Although DeSantis was not able to reverse this anti-gun policy, he did sign Teacher Carry into law.

He was responsible for signing a sanctuary city ban and currently pushing for occupational licensing reforms.

Additionally, DeSantis is taking immigration patriotism to another level by championing E-Verify legislation to crack down on employers who hire illegal aliens who undercut working class Americans.

Based on these policies and the Florida public’s approval of them, DeSantis has quickly established himself as the MAGA Governor.

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