America’s Largest Teachers Union Backs Radical LGBTQ+ Indoctrination Initiative With Total Support From Biden White House

The nation’s largest teachers union, the National Education Association (NEA), already made headlines this week by adding sexually explicit “Gender Queer” to its summer reading list.

Now the NEA’s attempts to indoctrinate children are even more out in the open after the teachers union backed an initiative to implement more LGBTQ+ themes amongst educators and students.

The union’s plans also have the full and complete backing of President Joe Biden and his wife, because supposedly LGBTQ+ people do not have nearly enough “support” in this country.

The Post Millennial documents these details in its latest exclusive

The new, LGBTQ-centric adopted amendment was adopted at a meeting earlier this month, and the price tag for all the extra resources and implementation will be $583,400. Documents reviewed by The Post Millennial from the NEA’s Representative Assembly show that the new measure will further entrench groups like the trans-focused Human Rights Campaign, the trans-teen-focused Trevor Project, and the global trans education organization GLSEN into curriculum and policy.

The premise, per the documents, read that “NEA acknowledges the prevalence of discrimination and violence targeted at people who are perceived or who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and intersex (LGBTQ+) resulting from anti-LGBTQ+ bias.”

Upon reading the premise of the documents, two things are not clear.

First, what is this “discrimination” and “violence” the NEA is talking about. And secondly, how is anything outside of opposite sex attraction being oppressed?

As Big League Politics has reported, almost 40% of Brown University students are apparently LGBTQ. 

Not only is that number incredibly high – nearly half of the student population – but it is also a huge jump from 14% in 2010; a 38% increase in only 13 years.

Furthermore, if anything, LGBTQ+ themes are overrepresented in the classroom.

For example, the book “Gender Queer,” a memoir written by a LGBTQ+ author, has been at the forefront of the banned books controversy due to its extremely sexually explicit illustrations. 

That book, unlike the Bible, is being promoted in libraries for children.

Per the NEA’s plan for 2024, it wants to defend the rights and dignity of LGBTQ+ people while spending a lot of taxpayer money in the process.

It also plans on teaming up with environmental health, safety and energy organizations to bring more LGBTQ “curriculum” to schools.

Remember when we were told that LGBTQ+ indoctrination was a conspiracy theory? Now, we can see the plan and its rollout strategy directly in front us. 

To make matters even worse, these radical ideas have the complete backing of Joe Biden’s White House.

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