Amid Rape Crisis, Finland Police Investigate Anti-Immigrant Group For Hunting Rapists, Pedophiles

Finland Police Investigate Soldiers of Odin

As Finland experiences a massive rape crisis after receiving a massive influx of economic immigrants from the third world, Finnish police are now investigating an anti-immigration group for pledging to hunt “rapists and pedophiles” in a now-deleted video.

Finnish anti-immigration group Soldiers of Odin uploaded a video last month featuring masked men pledging to hunt and expose “rapists and pedophiles” within the country, which led to Finnish authorities opening an investigation into whether or not the video and pledge constitute hate speech against immigrant populations.

The group said it plans to create honeypot accounts posing as young girls, use them to lure pedophiles, and then report the individuals to authorities.

From Finland’s HBI:

Soldiers of Odin recently published a startling video on Facebook and Vimeo. In the video, the group noted that “the hunting season on rapists and pedophiles has begun”.

In the video, which is written in English and Arabic, the group claims that it has made false profiles in social media, where it is said to be young girls. With the help of the profiles, the group wants to reveal such men who seek sexual contact with young girls on the web.

The video has since disappeared. On Tuesday morning it no longer went to find.

According to Hätönen, the police have done nothing to delete the video. It is most likely deleted by the services where it was posted after other users reported the video.

Finland is currently experiencing a rape crisis, as has been detailed heavily by Infowars Europe.

In January of this year, Finland was rocked by the massive rape crisis, featuring immigrant-led “grooming gangs” preying on girls sometimes younger than 15, with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö calling the developments “unbearable.”

Just last month, Finns responded to a Gallup survey saying they believe the clash of cultures in the Scandinavian nation to be the source of this catastrophe.

Infowars Europe reported:

A Gallup survey commissioned by Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest subscription newspaper, found that concerns over mass migration have become an increasingly divisive political issue as a slew of investigations have been launched into ‘grooming gangs’ and sexual attacks on children whose suspected perpetrators are overwhelmingly migrants and ‘asylum seekers.’

Some 65 percent of respondents said they agreed with the statement, “The main causes of sexual offenses are the diverse culture and religion of immigrants.”

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