Amidst Pedophile Scandal, Pope Francis Sets Sights on the Scourge of ‘Fake News’

Pope Francis has watched the Catholic Church’s reputation plunge under his watch as allegations of sexual assault pile up throughout the world, but he continues to act as a moral authority regardless. Francis is now spreading a popular leftist conspiracy theory that the “fake news” threatens to rip apart the fabric of our society.

“There are huge economic interests operating in the digital world, capable of exercising forms of control as subtle as they are invasive, creating mechanisms for the manipulation of consciences and of the democratic process,” the pope wrote.

“These closed circuits facilitate the spread of fake news and false information, fomenting prejudice and hate,” the pope added.

The Pope would continue on from there to decry the impact that internet-based culture is having on relationships, as the pontiff believes that technology is fragmenting society.

“Indeed, the digital environment is also one of loneliness, manipulation, exploitation and violence… blocking the development of authentic interpersonal relationships,” the pope wrote.

He warns of manipulators rising through this toxic atmosphere created with the emergence of cyberspace.

“If someone tells young people to ignore their history, to reject the experiences of their elders, to look down on the past and to look forward to a future that he holds out, doesn’t it then become easy to draw them along so that they only do what he tells them?” the pope asked.

“He needs the young to be shallow, uprooted and distrustful, so that they can trust only in his promises and act according to his plans,” he added.

Pope Francis also bemoaned the Church’s lack of relevance in this day and age, and how the youthful look at Catholicism as “a nuisance, even an irritant” rather than something to be cherished and preserved. He was forced to admit that the Church’s “sexual and financial scandals” have contributed to this phenomenon.

Pope Francis himself has made matters worse for the Church with his own derelict behavior, as he enabled at least one predator priest to continue on the prowl.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was defrocked in February after Catholic officials found him guilty of “sins against the Sixth Commandment with minors and with adults, with the aggravating factor of the abuse of power.” The Church had known these allegations since 2000, before McCarrick earned the title of Cardinal.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano blew the whistle in 2018 that Francis rehabilitated McCarrick after Francis’ predecessor Pope Benedict XVI had sanctioned him for sexual abuse. Although it was widely known that he was a predator, Francis made McCarrick his “trusted counselor” sending him throughout the world as an ambassador shortly after obtaining power in 2013.

Pope Francis has the nerve to talk about “fake news” while his Church’s litany of scandals are dominating headlines the world over. He should focus on cleaning up his Church, instead of repeating a chorus of globalist talking points.

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