Amnesty International Reports on Nordic Rape Epidemic, Fails to Mention Islamic Migrants

Amnesty International is taking note of the developing rape culture that is plaguing the Scandinavian countries throughout Europe, but refuses to name the obvious culprit: third-world migrants coming in from predominantly Muslim nations.

As the nations of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are overrun by third-world migrants, their civil society is breaking down and the once-safe nations are quickly becoming cesspools. Migrants are often allowed to commit violent crimes with little if any penalty, as it is argued by left-leaning government officials that to punish them would be culturally insensitive.

The clueless liberals are perplexed as to why countries with such a commitment to gender equality would have high instances of rape. The nations that were once considered the pride of socialism are now coming apart at the seams, and the Left’s diversity religion prevents them from being able to see the problem.

Amnesty’s report suggests that tweaks in the rules and adding more social justice language into the law is the solution to the problem, rather than mass deportations and a border shutdown.

“Whilst amending rape laws across the Nordic countries, are a vital step towards changing attitudes and achieving justice, much more is needed to effect institutional and social change,” said Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International’s Secretary General.

“The authorities must take steps to challenge rape myths and gender stereotypes at all levels of society. Professionals working with rape survivors must receive adequate continuous training and broader sexuality education and awareness-raising programmes are needed from a young age,” Naidoo added.

The substance-free platitudes produced by Amnesty are, sadly, giving victims false hope that the problem can be stopped without hastily reversing open border policies.

“I hope that the journey that began on the night of my rape, will culminate soon in the passing of consent-based legislation in Denmark. What this experience has shown me is that – if women come together and bravely speak out – change is not just possible: it is inevitable,” said Kirstine Holst, a rape survivor from Denmark.

It was not mentioned in Amnesty’s report that roughly 58 percent of men accused of rape in the past five years were born outside of Sweden. The problem of Finland’s vicious migrant rape gangs was omitted as well. They also left out the study showing that 10 out of 12 rapists in Denmark were migrants or foreign-born individuals.

The Norwegian capital of Oslo had 100 percent of its rapes committed by migrants or foreigners, and that fact was tossed aside as well.

Because of the flawed and biased reporting of leftist advocacy groups like Amnesty, the root cause of the Scandinavian rape crisis will be obscured further, and real solutions are more likely to be glossed over for more of the same.

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