An America First Candidate Wants to Make Things Right in Texas 23rd Congressional District

Texas’ Congressional District 23 now has an America First candidate in Raul Reyes who will put border security as his primary focus.

The previous incumbent Will Hurd was a milquetoast Republican who was receptive to open borders policies and even voted for gun control legislation. Reyes seeks to make up for the lack of America First representation in the district. His efforts have caught the attention of immigration patriots such as Maria Espinoza, the founder of the Remembrance Project — an organization dedicated to stopping illegal immigration. Espinoza endorsed him on April 8, 2020.

BLP had a chance to speak with Reyes about his campaign.


  1. What motivated you to run for office?


Two items motivated me to run for Congress


A. All the Texas Families in harm’s way due to open borders. I grew up in District 23 (Del Rio).  It’s gotten worse and no one is doing anything about it.  Will Hurd claimed the border crisis was a myth. In my 22 years of service to this country I spent a lot of time in Central and South America, I consider myself an expert in Latin America.  I’m pretty sure we have a crisis on the border.  When the incumbent refused to do anything, I decided to primary him.  I declared my run on May 4, 2019, long before Will Hurd decided not to seek re-election.  After he did, then 7 other candidates jumped in, including Tony Gonzales.

B.Also, we need jobs in District 23. Globalism destroyed the middle class here.  I saw It firsthand when Levi’s Strauss closed their factories here for cheaper labor somewhere else.  We suffer unemployment rates at a higher exponential rate when the oil industry goes bust because a large portion of our citizens (Western Counties) in District 23 work the oil fields of the Permian Basin.  I believe we can counter that by bringing manufacturing and industry back to District 23.  Coronavirus has proved me right on that.

  1. Who is your main opponent in the Republican primary for Texas’s 23rd Congressional District?

Tony Gonzales.  He’s Will Hurd endorsed and funded by the establishment open borders crowd.  He’s a LULAC (open borders anti-Trump crowd) type endorsed candidate.  He declared on May 15, 2019 that he would be running against Lloyd Doggett in Texas’ 35th district.  When Hurd decide to not seek reelection, he jumped into District 23.

  1. What separates you from your opponent?

A few things. We’re for The America First Agenda. I’m the only one with executive experience.  I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel with an immense experience in Central and South America. I’m ready to help secure this border using that experience.  My opponent can’t do that.  He’s bought and paid for by the establishment.  He will never vote to build a wall and help secure this border.  They’re not going to let him do that.  Same goes for 2nd Amendment.  Hurd voted against the 2nd Amendment. Tony is going to have to toe the line when it comes to Red Flag Laws. He’ll have to vote according to who funded him in this campaign.  That’s Hurd and the open border establishment crowd.

Lastly, we are Trump Republicans.  And, we’ve taken no/zero PAC money…all our funding is from people who have had enough with the establishment.  Tony is going to be a puppet of the people funding him.  He can’t escape that.  Since he’s being funded by the Never Trump folks, he’s also a Never-Trump candidate. In a previous article where he was asked about his position on the impeachment of Donald J Trump, he said he was unsure, meaning he could have gone either way on that matter.

  1. What is the most important issue for voters in the 23rd Congressional District?

Securing the border.


  1. Do you think the Texas GOP has done a good job promoting America First candidates?

Some in the GOP are establishment types.  For them, it’s about control. And many still believe in open borders.  So, they’re not going to support a candidate like me.  That said, many in the GOP are looking for real change.  We will embrace whatever support we can get.


  1. Who has endorsed your campaign so far?


Texas Values

Texas Right To Life

Conservatives in Action

San Antonio Family Association (SAFA)

Young Conservatives of Texas

Grassroots America

Ken Mercer


  1. Do you have any general comments about your race and how people can get in touch with your campaign?


We are a true homegrown, non-establishment campaign. The establishment doesn’t want us to win. Their puppet looks a lot like Gina Ortiz (the Democrat) in the November election and hence how we end up with open borders and no jobs brought back to this district regardless of who wins.  For the establishment, the end result is the same.  I’m here to highlight that and win this primary and then the General.


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