An Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe Mass Migration is a “Crisis”

As the United States’ Southern border with Mexico is overwhelmed by illegal alien hordes from all over the Global South, the majority of Americans believe that the current wave of mass migration is either a crisis or a “major problem.” 

Per a recent poll published by Gallup,  39% of Americans believe that the situation unfolding at the border is a full-blown “crisis.” An additional 33%  believe it’s a “major problem.” 

91% of Republican poll respondents believe that illegal immigration is at least a “major problem.” By contrast, 56% of Democrat poll respondents believe that illegal immigration is a crisis or major problem. 

Several policy changes pursued by the Biden regime have led to the current mass migration Zerg Rush at the southern border. One of those policy changes was the Biden regime’s recent lifting of Title 42 restrictions. Title 42 was a Trump-era regulation that was used to prevent the spread of contagious diseases throughout the US during the Wuhan virus pandemic era. 

Tom Ozimek of the Epoch Times reported that Title 42 was used north of 2.5 million times to halt asylum claims. However, with this order being lifted, the mass migration floodgates are still being opened. Since Joe Biden was installed in office in 2021, north of 5 million illegal alien invaders have penetrated the US’s Southern border with Mexico and have now scurried into the American interior.  

Immigration is the key political question of our epoch. If policymakers don’t get it right, the Historic American Nation as we know it will cease to exist due to the uncontrollable influx of foreign nationals invading the country. The result will be a catastrophic demographic shift that will end in the cultural disappearance of America’s legacy Anglo-Saxon culture. 

The only way to prevent such a nightmare scenario is by nationalist governments imposing severe restrictions on immigration. 

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