Analysis: Why Blaming Trump’s Failures on Election Fraud Hurts the America First Cause

Journalist Richard Moorhead appeared on Big League Politics Live to discuss the voter fraud issue that is dominating Republican Party politics and whether or not it is being used as a crutch to gloss over the failures made during the Trump administration and his presidential re-election campaign.

Moorhead recently wrote a post-mortem on the Trump campaign’s failures that angered many patriotic activists on social media who are intent on blaming everything that happened in November on election fraud. Moorhead believes this is a foolhardy strategy that will result in additional failure in the years to come.

“Don’t get me wrong: There are questions about voter fraud and there have been throughout this whole process, but I think we do ourselves a disservice if we don’t look at where Trump declined in support and why,” Moorhead said.

He explained how even though Trump gained with minorities, the president lost support with white voters in the Midwest. This may have been what ultimately cost him the election and made the numbers narrow enough for Democrat mail-in ballot tricks to flip the result.

“The blame comes down to Kushner and a lot of Trump’s establishment advisors who were so pumped up about pursuing a Conservative Inc. approach to victory that they neglected appealing to the core constituency that won Trump the presidency in 2016,” Moorhead said.

“There’s no path to victory if a conservative candidate, a nationalist candidate, a populist candidate cannot run up the score with middle class white voters in the Midwest. It’s not in the cards. At that point, you’re playing the John McCain book of a presidential election, and that’s a loser’s playbook,” he added.

Moorhead also discussed the missed opportunities caused by Kushner’s control over the Trump administration, including but not limited to Trump’s failure to vocally oppose transgender athletes in sporting events on the campaign trail.

“Kushner won’t even let Trump get on Gab right now. I fundamentally don’t understand the thought process behind that,” he stated, adding that Trump “should buy a stake in Gab and get on Gab.”

“When Trump had Steve Bannon in 2016, he won the election… Why not go back on the proven record of success and bring people like Bannon back into the fold as campaign staff?” Moorhead said after he was asked about who should take over for Kushner if Trump runs to be president for a third time in 2024.

The full interview can be seen here.

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