Andrew Cuomo Announces 10,000 Positive Tests for Coronavirus in New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state has diagnosed more than 10,000 cases of the Chinese coronavirus, a milestone for an area of the country proving to be a hotspot for the disease.

The news was announced in a daily briefing on the state’s containment efforts on Saturday.

Cuomo explained that the levels of diagnoses may be related to the increased availability of coronavirus tests in the state. Cuomo recieved authorization to implement new drive-through testing centers in the state.

We are taking more tests in New York than any place else. We’re taking more tests per capita than China or South Korea.

Cuomo’s press conference did contain some good news, announcing that positive tests in Long Island and Nassau County were starting to level off.

Cuomo also announced that the state would be providing more than a million respiratory masks to citizens in New York City. New York has skyrocketed ahead of Washington in total numbers of diagnoses by state, taking first place easily.

To the Democratic Governor’s credit, he has overseen the state’s response to the epidemic in a relatively even-handed and comprehensive fashion. He thanked President Trump for his cooperation with the state government earlier this week, sharply contrasting with Democratic hacks who jumped upon the global pandemic as an opportunity to hector Trump.

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