Andrew Cuomo States Federal Quarantine of New York Would be ‘Declaration of War’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo forcefully rejected the idea of a federal quarantine on the state of New York during an appearance on CNN Saturday, going so far as to describe such a proposal as a “federal declaration of war.”

New York is currently ground zero for the Chinese coronavirus in the United States. One third of total cases in the country are in the Empire State.

Cuomo described proposals for a federal quarantine on the state, in which travel would be restricted from New York to other states in the union, as “totally bizarre, counter-productive, anti-American, anti-social.

The President ultimately ended up deciding against the idea of a quarantine targeting New York on Saturday, after initially considering it. President Trump ultimately decided that the Center for Disease Control would provide a travel advisory, considering the advanced nature of the epidemic in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

It’s probably for the best that President Trump ultimately decided against a federal quarantine targeting New York and the tristate area. Such an unprecedented federal action would inflame relations between Americans in an hour of crisis where they must unite beyond regional boundaries to overcome the coronavirus epidemic as one nation.

Other states in the union have proven less willing to treat citizens of New York in an equitable manner as it is ravaged by the coronavirus. Rhode Island’s Governor- a Democrat, like Cuomo- enacted a draconian executive order that forces New Yorkers fleeing to the state to identify themselves to state law enforcement, and orders them to subject themselves to mandatory 14-day quarantines.

The people of the United States will ultimately defeat the coronavirus epidemic as a nation, even if some Democrat-run states want to single out New Yorkers for questionable medical scrutiny.

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