Andrew Gillum CONCEDES, Ron DeSantis is the Next Governor of Florida

Republican Ron DeSantis will be the next Governor of Florida, as Democrat Andrew Gillum has conceded the race.

“We didn’t win it tonight,” Gillum said in his speech. “We believe at the end of the day that we will still have the victory.”

Gillum was dogged by scandals after his unlikely ascension to the Democratic nomination. One of his staffers was caught on surreptitiously recorded video admitting that Gillum was lying to get elected.

“Fairy tales in the modern day being with ‘once I am elected,” the staffer said. “Okay? So let’s go back to Mr. Gillum’s platform. Raise the corporate tax rate in Florida from seven to 11 percent. That will never happen. Raise teacher’s pay to $50,000. That will never happen.”

Gillum was also under FBI investigation for accepting gifts in exchange for political favors, including tickets to the musical “Hamilton.”

“We still have to be willing to show up every single day and demand our seat at the table. I still believe and I still trust in the voters. I still believe that there is more of us that believe in what is common and what is decent,” Gillum said in his concession speech.

“I sincerely regret that I couldn’t bring it home for you.”

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