Andrew Yang Thinks $1000/Month Will Stop Mass Shooters

On Friday, a gunman killed twelve people and wounded six others at a Virginia Beach municipal center.

In typical fashion, Democratic presidential candidates started calling for gun control.


One of those most bizarre responses came from Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Yang, who has gained notoriety because of his universal basic income proposal, argued that a UBI would help prevent mass shootings.

He believes that reduced levels of stress would serve as a deterrence for violence.


Yang ignores several inconvenient truths:


  1. John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center notes that “Virginia Beach bans employees from being able to carry gun.”
  2. Virginia is not exactly a pro-gun paradise as it is ranked 30th in Guns and Ammo magazine for the friendliest states for gun ownership. From a pro-gun perspective, its guns laws are middling at best.


To think that a new government handout will somehow make states like Virginia safer, is the height of wishful thinking. Instead, Virginia should look at liberalizing its gun laws and reinforcing security in public facilities.


With former Vice President Joe Biden rising as the Democratic Party frontrunner, Yang has fallen into obscurity.


He’s now doing his best to remain relevant by politicizing this shooting just like the rest of his Democratic rivals.

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