Andy Biggs Calls for Designating Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Organizations

As the southern border crisis continues to spiral out of control, public officials in the United States have scrambled to find ways to address this problem. 

One of the most alarming aspects of the US’s migratory policies has been the influx of cartel operatives into the country, which have allowed for the mass transportation of all sorts of contraband into the country. 

Opioids like fentanyl stand out among these illicit substances that have done a number on the American economy. For example, there were roughly 71,000 fentanyl overdose deaths in the US. For all intents and purposes, fentanyl functions as a WMD that claims more lives on an annual basis than any of the US’s geopolitical rivals such as China and Russia. 

Cartels have exploited this and have done everything possible to flood America’s streets with this deadly substance. 

In light of these cartel threats, elected officials such as Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs have called for military action to be taken against cartels. In an interview appearance on Newsmax in early March, Biggs declared, “We ought to use our military apparatus to wipe out these Mexican cartels.

We should treat them the same as ISIS.”

When Texas Congressman Chip Roy announced his move to introduce a bill that would designate Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs), Biggs voiced his support for the legislation by declaring on Twitter “Grateful to cosponsor this. 

The Mexican cartels should be treated the same as ISIS.”

Indeed, the southern border needs to be closed off and totally militarized. However, calling for military action may be a stretch. It’s one thing to conduct surgical strikes against nasty cartel actors who are confined to a compound with no civilians. But it’s another to call for a full-blown invasion of the country. 

In fact, such a move could be used to justify the creation of a North American Union once the dust settles from a bungled military intervention. 

Instead, the US should stick to a common sense America First approach of shutting down the border and taking the fight to cartel operatives that are already in the US. The US does not need to be fighting another war at this moment. 


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