Andy Biggs Introduces Additional Impeachment Resolution Against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs and 13 other Republican elected officials held a press conference outside the Capitol to reveal his new articles of impeachment against Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for “high crimes and misdemeanors” on February 1, 2023. Will Riley, the Government Relations Manager of the Federation of American Immigration Reform, noted that Bigg’s impeachment resolution, H.Res. 89, follows in the footsteps of Texas Congressman Pat Fallon’s resolution that was introduced on January 9. 

Fallon was in attendance at the Biggs press conference and poured cold water on the notion that there may be factional competition: “Let me be clear: everyone is on the same team, and I hope, quite frankly, that there are more articles that are filed. Because there has been a gross dereliction of duty, and we’re all here to achieve the same goal.” 

The Biggs resolution accuses Mayorkas of “willfully refus[ing] to maintain operational control of the border.” It also alluded to the termination of Migrant Protection Protocols (commonly known as “Remain in Mexico”), re-establishing catch-and-release, ending border wall construction, the failure file Notices to Appear (NTAs) for scheduled immigration court hearings in a proper manner, the rise in illegal drug smuggling, and the abuse of humanitarian parole. The resolution also called attention to a March 1, 2021 White House press briefing in which Mayorkas declared “We are not saying, ‘Do not come.’” The resolution concluded with the following statement:

“The actions of Secretary Mayorkas have made the border less secure and encouraged aliens to enter the United States illegally, instead of taking actions to maintain operational control of the border. His actions have subverted the will of Congress and the core tenants of the Constitution.”

Biggs was the first member of Congress to introduce articles of impeachment against Mayorkas in the previous Congress, back in August 2021. The latest version of this article of impeachment keeps many of the same charges, but also features new alleged crimes and misdemeanors that took place after August 2021 up until the present. “We don’t willy-nilly take upon us the notion of impeaching a member of the Biden Cabinet. That’s not really what we would like to do,” Biggs said during the press conference. “But…what you’re seeing is the systematic destruction of the geographic integrity of the United States of America. We don’t control our southern border. It is controlled by the criminal drug cartels of Mexico.”

Biggs should receive praise for his efforts. It’s high time that the open borders regime be held accountable for its treasonous behavior. There’s no more time for debate. These people must be brought to justice for their efforts to “Elect a New People” , the highest form of treason that political leaders can commit against their citizens.

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