Angel Mom Mary Anne Mendoza Restored to Twitter After Being Banned for Exposing Illegal Immigration

An ‘Angel Mom’ who was banned from Twitter for supposed ‘hateful conduct’ last week was restored to the platform on Thursday, after conservatives expressed outrage at the naked political censorship behind her suspension.

Mendoza’s son Brandon was an Arizona police officer, who was killed by a drunk illegal immigrant in a traffic accident in 2014. After her son’s death, Mendoza became a leader of the national Angel Families movement, which raises awareness to the ongoing public safety hazards facing Americans as a result of porous border enforcement and weak immigration laws.

A tweet directed at pro-migration Democrat Kamala Harris seems to have brought about Mendoza’s suspension. Mendoza’s account was locked, and she received messages explaining that she had to delete her criticism of open borders policies for her account to be restored.

Mendoza appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss her experience as a victim of political censorship on Sunday. Her appearance on the popular program seems to have led in part to her reinstatement on Twitter, as the progressive platform faced a growing wave of criticism for their naked authoritarianism when Mendoza’s accounting of the incident became widely known.

President Donald Trump even weighed in, calling for Mendoza to be restored to Twitter. The President has been known for his relationship with many angel families, having originally featured them at many campaign rallies and events dating back to the earliest days of his 2016 Presidential campaign.

Arizona Representative Paul Gosar welcomed Mendoza back to Twitter, and brought up her unjust suspension as a motive to advance his proposed ‘Stop the Censorship Act.’ Gosar’s legislation would prevent Silicon Valley oligarchs from censoring political content they find inconvenient.

Mendoza has restored her voice, but the struggle against the political censorship of big tech continues.


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