Angry Constituents Batter Rep. Peter Meijer at Town Hall for Voting to Impeach Donald Trump

Freshman Congressman Peter Meijer (R-MI) held his first town hall earlier this week, and his constituents were not happy with his recent vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

“What we witnessed at the capitol, the attempted insurrection, the involvement of a sitting American president in propagating the falsehoods that led up to that required a significant response, and that is why I ultimately arrived at the decision to impeach,” Meijer told Republican voters on Wednesday.

Meijer admitted that the vote was “heartbreaking” and “probably an act of political suicide,” but ultimately felt that joining the Democrats was the right thing to do. His constituents were not buying his excuses.

“I do think maybe you should have re-read his speech, maybe listened to what the FBI had to say, and listened to your constituents,” former supporter Cindy Witke said. “I went against people who told me not to vote for you because I believed in you, and I’ve lost that belief.”

“We thought that we lived with 10 years of Rep. Amash betraying us, and you did it in two weeks,” said disaffected conservative Nancy Eardley. “I don’t know that there’s really much you can say that will ever change my mind and not work toward primarying you out after two years.”

The entirety of the town hall can be seen here:


Big League Politics has reported on a viable primary challenger already emerging to oppose Meijer in next year’s midterm elections:

A credible America First Republican has declared his candidacy for Congress in Michigan’s 3rd District, challenging Never Trump Republican Peter Meijer.

Norton is running on a policy platform of an immigration moratorium, finishing the border wall, standing up to the corrupt oligarchy of Big Tech, and protecting the sanctity of life. He’s a small businessman who is a veteran of the Afghanistan War. Norton previously served as the Village President of Sand Lake in Michigan’s Kent County.

Meijer has cravenly postured before the Democratic Party and the establishment swamp, signing off onto the sham unconstitutional impeachment against former President Donald Trump. Norton previously ran against Meijer in the 2020 Republican primary in the 3rd district, but voter dissatisfaction with corporate libertarian Justin Amash largely prevented scrutiny of Meijer’s political positions. Meijer, who eschewed support of Donald Trump before the 2020 election, defeated Norton in the primary to replace Amash.

Trump Republicans have considered backings of primary challengers across the country who stand up against establishment Republicans eager to return the party to an “invade the world, invite the world” policy approach in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s presidency. With Meijer- the heir of a billionaire supermarket family- only serving in his freshman term, Norton’s challenge may prove to be viable.

Meijer will likely be a one-term Congressman because of his cowardly actions to oppose President Trump with the Democrats.

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