Angry Liberal Gifts Ann Coulter MEXICAN Tequila To ‘Own Her’

Being perhaps the loudest voice calling for strong border in the United States, there are a lot of people with intense animosity for Ann Coulter.

For that reason, public sightings of Coulter are hard to come by, as she is put under constant threat of being attacked when out and about.

One of her rare public appearances came in a Mexican restaurant just days ago.

While there doesn’t appear to have been any public confrontation, an angry person who is no fan of Coulter decided to own her in the best way possible:

She bought her Mexican tequila, and included a note bashing her for her position on immigration, with a very woke and brave “f*** you” written at the end.

Big League Politics was not able to get a hold of Coulter for comment, but we imagine she is out of commission, trying to recover from this sick burn.

This isn’t the first time liberal protesters have gone out of their way to harass conservatives in Mexican restaurants.

Last year, Trump Senior Adviser Stephen Miller and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen were confronted in two separate occasions at Mexican restaurants.

The left seems to think they have some sort of monopoly on enjoying tacos, and that anybody opposed to illegal immigration is not privy to the same delicious food as them.

Everyone at the team here at Big League Politics is praying for Ann Coulter, hoping that she recovers from this horrible attack. And if you spot any of us at Mexican restaurants in the future, we’d ask that you definitely don’t pay for our tequila shots.

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