Ann Coulter Calls for Immigration Moratorium

Conservative commentator and early Trump supporter Ann Coulter called for the United States to implement an immigration moratorium in a tweet on Tuesday.

Coulter is one of the most well-known conservatives to endorse the policy, which recently has floated into the conversation in American nationalist and conservative circles. An immigration moratorium would place a pause on all migration to the United States, thus allowing policy makers to focus on improving the lives of people already living in their communities.

Coulter mentioned the Immigration Act of 1924, a historical immigration reform signed into law by conservative President Calvin Coolidge. The 1924 Act placed strict limits on immigration levels, which had been historically high at the time in a manner not unlike the modern-day United States.

Too often conservatives have allowed themselves to be caught in a rhetorical trap set by the left in which legal immigration is inherently good, while only illegal immigration is worth objecting to. This zero-sum distinction is increasingly obsolete in a legal paradigm where progressives have fundamentally blurred the distinction between what is and isn’t lawful immigration.

The massive ‘caravan’ formations of economic migrants marching to the southern border from Central America demanding residence in America? That’s all nominally ‘legal’ immigration. Most caravan migrants request asylum protection at ports of entry, oftentimes making dubious claims of persecution. Once they’ve logged a claim in the immigration court system, they’re set up for a lengthy and byzantine legal battle in which they stand a good chance of receiving an amnesty with the help of high-powered immigration lawyers and activist judges.

Not to mention, that the United States has allowed record-setting and truly massive levels of legal immigration into its borders in recent decades, demonstrating a level of generosity and hospitality unmatched by any other country in the world. If we were to decide to use our resources to elevate the lives of our own people instead of bringing in millions of new immigrants, no honest observer could claim such a decision is rooted towards antipathy towards others. There are hundreds of millions of Americans of all kinds that would benefit from the immigration moratorium Coulter has proposed.

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