Ann Coulter Rallies Around Nancy Pelosi as Democrats Abandon Her

Ann Coulter, Twitter Avi

Following the fourth consecutive special election loss for the Democrats, much of the party has been expressing their disapproval of Nancy Pelosi’s leadership — but Republicans, especially Ann Coulter, are rooting for her to stay.

Democrats were quick to turn on Pelosi after Jon Ossoff’s stunning defeat in Georgia, even after running the most expensive campaign for a House seat in history. The party has also lost special elections in Kansas, Montana, and South Carolina.

Congressman Seth Moulton immediately declared that perhaps it was time for “new leadership at the top,” also tweeting that the “Ossoff race better be a wakeup call for Democrats.”

Cher, one of the Democratic Party’s most vocal cheerleaders on Twitter also expressed her doubts about Pelosi’s ability to deliver.

“Admire & respect Nancy Pelosi, but in ‘every’ race, GOP runs against her,” Cher tweeted.

Others were less kind, including Rep. Filemon Vela — who asserted that only an “idiot” would believe that Democrats could win under Pelosi’s leadership.

“I think you’d have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top,” Vela told Politico. “Nancy Pelosi is not the only reason that Ossoff lost. But she certainly is one of the reasons.”

Even the ultra-liberal Daily Beast published a story directly pointing the finger at Pelosi. In an article titled ‘Wake Up, Democrats. Ossoff Didn’t Lose the Election, Pelosi Did,’ Matt Lewis wrote that many calls for her to retire may be “concern trolling.” He concluded his piece by stating, “just because it’s concern trolling, doesn’t mean it ain’t true.”

Meanwhile, Republicans want to keep the 77-year-old leading the party for as long as possible.

A report from the Washington Post found that Pelosi and her 98% name recognition did in fact hurt Ossoff. The paper found that “the most prominent and effective hit on the Democratic candidate was to tie him to the congresswoman from San Francisco.”

On Thursday, Coulter posted a hilarious string of tweets making the case for keeping Pelosi around as long as possible.

“We, as conservatives, MUST keep Nancy Pelosi in place as Minority Leader of the House!  We should have rallies for her,” Coulter began.

In Coulter’s next tweet, she wrote “we also need a gofundme campaign to ensure Nancy Pelosi’s longevity as House minority leader.”

She didn’t stop there though, Coulter continued on to assert that “it’s bad enough that we lost Harry Reid, we can’t lose Pelosi too!”

“It’s defeatist to think Nancy Pelosi’s leadership coming is coming to an end. BULLSH*T!!!  She has another 20 good years!” Coulter declared.

“It’s not important that Pelosi remembers everything she says. Memory isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be,” Coulter added.

“After that, they can just keep Pelosi’s head alive in a hyperbaric chamber. Even if they keep her voice going, like Alexa …” Coulter concluded her Twitter storm.

Judging by the thousands of retweets she garnered, it appears that Republicans agree.

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