Anonymous Alleged Epstein Collaborator Begs Judge to Keep His Identity Hidden From Public

Jeffrey Epstein Caught Witness Tampering

Although Democrat-affiliated sex predator Jeffrey Epstein is now dead, the intrigue surrounding his civil lawsuits has not waned in the weeks since his mysterious death. One man named in the civil suit is begging a judge not to reveal his identity.

The man, named as John Doe in the suit filed by Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre against his alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, is imploring federal judge Loretta Preska through his lawyers to keep secret the names of the individuals accused in the lawsuit in order to protect their reputations.

“As a non-party to these proceedings, Doe lacks specific knowledge about the contents of the Sealed Materials,” John Doe’s lawyers wrote in a motion filed on Tuesday. “But it is clear that these materials implicate the privacy and reputational interests of many persons other than the two primary parties to this action, Giuffre and Maxwell.”

The motion claims a prior judge had determined that the withheld documents from the civil suit contained a “range of allegations of sexual acts involving Plaintiff and non-parties to this litigation, some famous, some not; the identities of non-parties who either allegedly engaged in sexual acts with Plaintiff or who allegedly facilitated such acts.”

Despite the objections from John Doe, Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies anticipates that a great deal of new documents will be released in the near future. He told the New York Post that Wednesday’s hearing will be crucial in determining how the thousands and thousands of documents will ultimately be handled.

“It’s a whole new set of documents, five to 10 times larger in volume than what has been released so far,” Boies said.

On Aug. 9, nearly 2,000 documents were released implicating Epstein and his associates of illicit sex acts. Epstein turned up dead in suspicious and inexplicable fashion the next day. As many as 20,000 documents could be released accusing powerful people of criminal sexual conduct if a federal judge authorizes the disclosures.

Those already accused of illicit sexual acts include former Maine Sen. George Mitchell, the deceased MIT professor Marvin Minsky, ex-New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, money manager Glenn Dubin, and attorney Alan Dershowitz. Mitchell and Richardson both served in the administration of former President Bill Clinton, who flew on Epstein’s jet dozens of times.

Despite Epstein’s death, his many victims are still adamant about getting justice for their alleged years of victimization at the hands of the deceased scoundrel.

Jennifer Araoz, an alleged Epstein victim who filed a lawsuit against his estate last month, is “angry Jeffrey Epstein won’t have to face his survivors of his abuse in court,” but will continue onward in her pursuit of justice against the late predator.

“We have to live with the scars of his actions for the rest of our lives, while he will never face the consequences of the crimes he committed the pain and trauma he caused so many people,” Araoz said in a statement.

“Epstein is gone, but justice must still be served. I hope the authorities will pursue and prosecute his accomplices and enablers, and ensure redress for his victims,” she added.

Araoz’s attorney Robbie Kaplan believes that “the many victims of Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplices should not lose hope.”

“We will continue to fight tirelessly on their behalf not only to seek justice, but also to ensure that all of the facts of his monstrous crimes become known to the world,” he said. “… We need to expose the whole truth here so that crimes of this scale and scope never happen to any young girls (or boys) ever again.”

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