Another 40+ Illegals Captured At The Border, Head To ‘Processing’ Due To Broken Immigration Laws

Florida Republican congressman Matt Gaetz is down at the US-Mexico border in Yuma, Arizona witnessing the unprecedented crisis caused by the constant migrant invasion of our country. President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to build the southern border Wall — and vetoed Congress’ objection to it — but Wall-building needs to increase rapidly to keep back the invaders.

The problem, as Gaetz reports, is that when illegal immigrants are captured they are then processed and end up remaining in the United States — oftentimes with benefits like EBT cards, insurance, and free travel — to await their perfunctory court dates. With Congress refusing to act to change our immigration laws, the Wall is needed more than ever.

I reported Tuesday:

Hundreds of migrants rushed the US-Mexico border at 1 AM Tuesday morning.

Citizen border watcher Jim Benvie’s Facebook Live in the wee hours of Tuesday morning shows hundreds of migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras who crossed the US-Mexico border in the El Paso sector on the New Mexico-Texas line in the middle of the night. Border Patrol was originally nowhere to be found, as law enforcement is stretched thin.

Several hundred migrants showed up at “Camp Liberty,” where the private group WeBuildTheWall is negotiating with property owners to privately build the Wall. Benvie is a WeBuildTheWall correspondent documenting the border crisis.

“Whoever got in last night is going to be here for a while” Benvie told Big League Politics in an interview, though the Tuesday morning invaders were not violent. Even though only less than ten percent of them will qualify for amnesty, the migrants will still get court dates and will be able to stick around in the United States with EBT cards and other benefits.

Benvie told Big League Politics that terrorists are coming in, and the situation is dire.

“Basically we have to do things that are non-violent. We are not allowed to put them in cuffs. We are basically able to stop them using deterrents. Our guys dress with masks on their face. They carry AR-s, so people listen to what they’re telling them to do. If they start running from us, then we chase them but don’t touch them. If they hurt anybody, if they attack a Border Patrol officer, we can jump in and protect the officer,” Benvie told BLP.

“They use that as a trick, a switch,” Benvie said, referring to how cartels distract Border Patrol with groups of migrants with children. “It’s all a game, it’s cat and mouse….Border Patrol is being used as an Uber service.”

“The children are their passport,” Benvie said.

“There’s no Border Patrol here…You guys think this is a joke, or some kind of manufactured deal,” Benvie says in the stunning video.

“No border patrol because they were busy, they were tied up with the other groups. This is what it’s like to be a group of people taking this head on…It’s very organized. Very organized.”

“It’s real. It’s happening. It’s in our backyard. This is the United States of America.”

There’s no way to prove whose children these are…We don’t have records on these people…,” Benvie says.

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