Another Big Tech Attack on Free Speech, Stefan Molyneux Handed Two “Strikes” on YouTube

A right-wing pundit’s YouTube page is on the verge of a total ban after he racked up two “strikes” for violating community standards, likely the result of leftist targeting.

“Within 24 hours, my channel has received two community guidelines strikes – likely as a result of a mass flagging campaign – and is now on the verge of total deletion. Please respectfully contact and alert them to this injustice,” Molyneux wrote on Twitter with an accompanying statement.

His YouTube channel is currently locked and set to “private.”

“Almost immediately after returning from a speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand, and after getting my final all-clear cancer checkup, the YouTube strikes against Freedomain Radio – the world’s most popular philosophy show – began,” he wrote.

“Apparently, I had “violated community standards” by publishing a short video last year entitled “The Death of White Males,” which discussed the decline in life expectancy for white makes, in part due to the opioid crisis,” he continued.

He received another strike for a video he did with British right-wing firebrand Katie Hopkins.

Molyneux is the latest victim of a series of social media attacks by leftists against anyone who is politically right of Stalin.

Big League Politics reported:

In the past week, radio news giant Alex Jones was banned from YouTube, Apple and Facebook, among smaller platforms like Spotify and Pinterest. British free speech activist Tommy Robinson was then banned from Instagram. Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media was banned from Twitter.

Many have argued over the past week that tech giants, being private entities, have the right to deny service to anyone they please. Usually this argument works.

But Silicon Valley is a vastly different case. The big four, Apple, Google (YouTube), Facebook, and Twitter have a virtual monopoly on the internet itself, which is the main platform for public discourse in the current year. Not to mention, Silicon Valley is one of the largest lobbyists of bought-and-paid for leftist politicians in Washington, D.C.

Just because the government is not officially silencing conservatives, does not mean they are not complicit.

Molyneux has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and his videos have hundreds of millions of views. But he is a problem for YouTube and the leftists in Silicon Valley because he is a conservative.

YouTube said they are looking into the situation.

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