Another Catastrophic Car Accident Near US-Mexico Border Kills Several Illegal Immigrants

For the second time this month, a car accident near the US-Mexico border has killed multiple illegal aliens.

Authorities in Texas pronounced eight illegal immigrants dead after their pickup truck collided with another head-on. They were fleeing police when the accident happened 30 miles north of the border town of Del Rio.

The Texas Department of Public Safety released the following statement to Fox News: “Preliminary investigation revealed a red Dodge pickup was evading from DPS troopers traveling on US 277 when it caused a head-on collision with a white Ford F-150. Due to injuries sustained, 8 undocumented passengers from the Dodge pickup were pronounced deceased on scene.”

As for the people in the Ford F-150, the driver and a child passenger are said to be in stable condition at a San Antonio hospital. An illegal immigrant from the Dodge pickup is also in stable condition at the same hospital.

The driver of the Dodge also survived, though he attempted to flee the scene on foot and was apprehended by the police. He is in custody.

Big League Politics also reported on a similar accident that took place earlier this March. It happened near the US-Mexico border in Holtville, California, and killed 15 illegal immigrants. Police reported that they believed 27 people were packed inside the SUV that collided with a semi truck.

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