Another ‘Church’ Hosts ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ to Children

Another church is hosting a reading of “drag queen story hour,” am event that is spreading like a plague throughout the nation and is known to host convicted sexual predators and give them intimate access to precocious children.

The Los Angeles Times published a gushing profile on Wednesday about the Fairview Community Church in Costa Mesa, CA after they allowed drag queen Autumn Rose to indoctrinate kids on their campus.

Rose, who is the reigning Miss Orange County Pride, is an openly homosexual man who is an activist in the LGBT community. Despite engaging in these sinful acts unrepentantly, he was still given a forum at a Christian church to warp young minds.

“Have you ever seen a real queen before?” a mother asked her toddler before introducing her to the cross-dresser. “In real life?”

Rose wore a dress with the cleavage of his presumably fake bosoms exposed for all the children to see. The female pastor of the church believes this is the type of role model that is appropriate for Christian children.

“Kids just need to see different role models,” said Rev. Sarah Halverson-Cano, who serves as Fairview’s senior pastor.

The ultra-progressive church is apart of the United Church of Christ. They regularly fly a rainbow gay pride flag – celebrating sodomy – and also promote the anti-police Black Lives Matter group. They regularly perform homosexual marriages in their church as well.

Halverson-Cano hopes to expand the drag queen story hour readings to twice a month, and collected donations for the purposes of exposing more children to this legitimized grooming operation.

“The kids don’t say that’s a big man in a dress,” Halverson-Cano said.

This follows a report that Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, OH also hosted a reading of drag queen story hour on their church grounds last month.

“I’m excited just to be able to point to diversity and help kids not be afraid of people that are different but to embrace them and be able to learn from them and find out more about them,” said drag queen Sparkle Leigh, who read a book to children glorifying a predator who abused teenage boys.

“Love more, love better,” Leigh said. “It’s literally that simple.”

The LGBT agenda is now permeating throughout every aspect of society, and innocent children are no longer safe from its Satanic manipulations whether they are in a public library, a Christian church or anywhere else.

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