Another Far Left TV Star Arrested After Fight Over Trump

Left-wing “comedian” George Lopez is facing battery charges after allegedly putting his hands on a Trump supporter in a New Mexico Hooters restaurant, according to TMZ.

The incident occurred last month after a Trump supporter asked Lopez for a picture, and then made a pro-Trump joke.

Later in the night, after making the joke, the unidentified man is heard saying “Here comes my boy, George!”

In response, Lopez is seen clearly putting his hands on the man in an aggressive manner.


According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Lopez was tracked down by police the day after the incident for questioning. Lopez said he didn’t want to be filmed, and tried to snatch the camera. In response, the police handed him a court summons for misdemeanor battery.

Lopez has long been opposed to President Trump. Earlier this year he made that clear by making it look like he was urinating on Trump’s Hollywood Star in a now-viral video.

He is also no stranger to drunken misconduct.

In 2014 he was arrested for public intoxication after passing out on the floor of a casino in Canada.

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