Another Governor Who Calls Herself Catholic Vows to Sign 40-Week Abortion Bill

Just as many states are pushing for “heartbeat bills” so are numerous states pushing for radical bills that allow abortion up to birth.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, who calls herself a Catholic, has declared that she will sign a proposed bill that will making abortion up to birth legal for basically any reason.

Even though New Mexico already allows abortion up to birth, House Bill 51 would codify that into state law in case Roe v. Wade is overturned, keeping abortion on demand legal at any stage of pregnancy, according to Life News.

H.B. 51 has already passed the House and recently passed a Senate committee. In the Albuquerque Journal, Gov. Lujan-Grisham published an opinion piece where she explained that she backs any form of pro-abortion legislation.

“As governor, I have pledged to sign House Bill 51, which would do exactly that.

Not simply because it will align New Mexico with established law, although it does, and we should all be glad to right a constitutional wrong whenever we can.

I support decriminalizing abortion because I have every intention of leading a state that values women, that empowers women, that listens to women.”

The Governor plans to broaden the access to late-term abortion as she recruits more abortion providers.

“And I have every intention of recruiting additional medical professionals to New Mexico and retaining the excellent providers we already have, and I want them to know: I will fight to oppose any move to make you into a criminal for simply doing your work”

Stating that “opponents have expressed fear that, somehow, this legislation would facilitate murder,” Gov. Lujan-Grisham seems to be misinformed about what abortion is.

This “Catholic” Governor praises abortion as being a woman’s health right. Maybe she missed the whole Fifth Commandment “do not murder” thing that the Catholic church avidly believes and teaches.

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