ANOTHER HATE HOAX: Michigan Minister Publishes, Deletes Smollett-Style Hate Fantasies from Trump Rally

Far-left activist Dennis Van Kampen seems to be the latest in a long line of desperate leftists faking hate crimes to manufacture sympathy for their fledgling cause in the age of President Donald Trump.

“I am heartbroken, angry and ashamed. Yesterday the lines of people waiting to attend the Trump rally ran right in front of our mission. Red hats and white men as far as the eye could see,” Van Kampen wrote, already showing his extreme leftist bias in his first sentences.

“These people, countless of them, said very rude things to our staff. They shouted racial slurs at our guests trying to come for shelter and they refused to get out of the way for our women and CHILDREN trying to get in the mission,” Van Kampen wrote while offering no evidence that any of this occurred.

“These were children who have done nothing wrong. Living in trauma and now experiencing this and hearing racial slurs,” he added while giving no specifics of anything that was said.

Van Kampen’s fantasy became even more ridiculous from there, as he accused MAGA supporters of literally committing a violent racist assault before attending the President’s rally in Grand Rapids, MI on Thursday.

“Is this great? Is it great when a young black man walks past the crowd and makes one statement about how [he] feels about the president and a 50 year old white man with a MAGA hat just walks up to him and takes a swing at him? For exercising free speech,” Van Kampen stated, perhaps mistaking what he saw in a Hollywood production as reality.

“Is it great when the crowds yell Trump slogans at the guests trying to find safety, Hope, refuge, help in the mission and then some proceed to add racial slurs? And no one in the line confronts them,” he added, likely shaking while writing his diatribe.

Van Kampen, who has a Facebook profile picture with a “#HereToStay I Support DACA” frame to show his support for illegal immigrants, works as CEO of Mel Trotter Ministries, a not-for-profit organization that helps the homeless of Grand Rapids. While the charitable focus of the group may be laudable, the liberal political agenda of the organization distracts from those good works.

His rampant leftist advocacy may have prompted one of their homeless shelter attendees to issue a death threat to President Trump back in 2017. James Anthony Jackson, who lived at Mel Trotter Ministries, called the Secret Service and boasted of his intentions “to blow Trump’s brains out.” These are the fruits produced by Van Kampen’s anti-Trump, anti-Republican culture of intolerance.

Pro-Trump conservatives who attended the rally did not have the same experience as Van Kampen as they were greeted by nothing but love by everyone except the enraged liberals outside of the event.

“I was in line for six hours and was sitting very close to here for at least 30 minutes and saw nothing of the sort,” said Tim VanDongen, who is an open homosexual serving on the Republican Executive Committee for the 13th Congressional District, in a Facebook comment.

“People were going in and out of buildings freely and peacefully. The only altercation was a deranged man provoking the entire block with his middle finger and shouting expletives. There’s literally no possible way the hundreds of people on this block at that moment would have let this happen as described by the Pastor,” he added.

VanDongen said he had several conversations with individuals about his homosexuality, and nobody judged him and attendees were avidly interested in recruiting gay people into the MAGA movement.

“I was also having great discussions with the people in line with me about the #walkaway movement, I told them I was gay, no big deal, great conversations!” VanDongen said in a written statement given to Big League Politics, adding that “it’s much easier being a gay in the Republican community than a Republican in the gay community.”

“Mr. VanKampen offers no proof whatsoever to corroborate his shady allegations. This sounds like fake news to me,” said Brandon Hall, a Lansing-based political consultant who runs the popular blog West Michigan Politics, in a written statement given to Big League Politics.

“From the character assassination of the Covington Catholic boys, to Jussie Smollett in Chicago – just to name a couple instances out of dozens – we have seen far too many outlandish and absurd hoax ‘attacks’ invented by radical liberals solely to smear, defame, and delegitimize President Trump and his supporters,” Hall added. “Unfortunately, it sounds like that’s what’s happening here also.”

Rally organizer Diane Schindlebeck is appalled by the allegations as well, which are essentially the opposite of her experiences as a long-time Trump supporter.

“There were hundreds of liberals with vile and profane signs yelling at Trump supporters while we just wanted to support the President at yesterday’s rally,” said Schindlbeck, who founded the West Michigan Republicans and serves as a Co-Chair for the Michigan Trump Republicans. “The left as usual was provoking us, not vice versa. The CEO of Mel Trotter Ministries must be a big time Trump hater, and this looks like another case of the left faking a hate crime to make our President look bad.”

VanKampen deleted the original post hours after making it, as it was beginning to go viral with many Trump supporters calling him out and demanding evidence for his allegations. He can run but cannot hide from accountability as the many conservative West Michigan donors to Mel Trotter Ministries will ultimately demand answers about the organization’s leftist CEO’s baseless attempt to defame them.

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