Another “Not F***** Around Coalition” Black Nationalist Fugitive Arrested for Negligent Discharge at Lafayette Armed March

A member of the “Not F****** Around Coalition” was arrested for a negligent firearms discharge during the black nationalist group’s latest armed march in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The group had decided to march on the community in a challenge of sorts to Republican Congressman Clay Higgins, who had previously warned the pro-secession movement that they’d be arriving on a “one way ticket” if they attacked the community.

The sound of gunshots in the vicinity of the armed march as it started caused those present to flee from the scene, but the march proceeded after the negligent discharge incident.

Video footage of the aftermath of the negligent discharge shows two individuals lying on the ground, but reports from the scene indicate that no one was injured, fortunately.


26-year old Terrance Jones has been charged with reckless discharge of a firearm at a parade, firearm possession violations(suggesting that he may be a prohibited possessor), escape, and “fugitive.”

This is actually the second negligent discharge at an NFAC armed march in recent month. A supposed “trained shooter” of the organization shot two people when he accidentally fired his weapon at a Kentucky NFAC march.

Perhaps it’s time to rename the militia from its profane moniker. They certainly do seem to be “f******” around, considering the track record of unsafe and undisciplined behavior at their events.

The NFAC and its leadership regularly insinuate threats of violence against militia members and white Americans, but it generally seems like these wannabee badasses are more of a danger to themselves than anyone else. The group’s leader, “Grand Master Jay,” (real name John Fitzgerald Johnson) demonstrated his laughably pitiful knowledge of firearms during an embarrassing livestream, calling an AR-15 rifle a ‘bullpup’ and claiming that the weapon would fire if he closed the bolt with a loaded magazine .


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