Another Potential Win? Governor Kristi Noem To Explore Restricting Baby Killing in South Dakota

A darling of America First conservatives throughout the pandemic and one of the top favorites for the Republican Presidential ticket in 2024, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has recently fallen out of favor amongst some conservative diehards for refusing to ban mask and vaccine mandates by private businesses in her state. But there now seems to be signs that she is working hard to win back the hearts and minds of the conservative base.

According to The Epoch Times, the Governor of the Mount Rushmore State has been paying close attention to the legal developments surrounding the new abortion law in Texas, which will rely on Texans to enforce the ban on abortions where a fetal heartbeat can be detected, something which usually occurs around six weeks into the gestation period. In fact, following the conclusion of the legal proceedings in the Supreme Court which narrowly upheld the law 5-4, with Justice Roberts siding with the left-wing members of the bench, Governor Noem announced last Thursday that her office will be exploring ways to tighten abortion laws in South Dakota, which currently allows abortion without restriction up to 12 weeks and significant exceptions up to 24 weeks.

There are reasons for those on the pro-life side of the fence to be optimistic about the potential results of this review. One of those comes in the form of Mark Miller, who serves as both Governor Noem’s general counsel as well as the main unborn child advocate in her administration. Miller has also had a successful track record in his dealings with the Supreme Court, winning two cases as part of the plaintiff legal team.

Another reason why pro-lifers are optimistic is the prevailing political climate in South Dakota. With veto-proof majorities in both State Houses and control of the Governor’s mansion, it would appear that Republicans have a nearly free reign in the Great Plains state. However, with so many letdowns and betrayals by Republican politicians in the recent past, many still prefer not to count their chickens before they hatch.

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