Another Republican Bows Down to Gun Control

Another Republican is kowtowing to gun control.

Mike Turner, the Congressman for Ohio’s 10th district, released a statement on his website where he advocated for legislation that “prevents the sale of military style weapons to civilians, a magazine limit, and red flag legislation.”

Turner declared that the “carnage these military style weapons are able to produce when available to the wrong people is intolerable.”

He has also jumped on the “red flag” bandwagon which is becoming widespread across the nation.

He stated:

We must pass red flag legislation to quickly identify people who are dangerous and remove their ability to harm others. Too often after mass shootings, we hear there were early warning signs that were ignored.

Turner is part of a growing coalition of Republicans led by Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Senator Lindsey Graham, and now, President Donald Trump, who believe that “red flag” gun confiscation orders will somehow fix this problem.

As the days go by, it seems that a bipartisan form of gun control is coming down the pipe.

This will likely be the toughest battle that gun rights supporters will be facing in recent years.

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