Another Vacation For Congress Will Help The Shutdown Go On Longer

Congress is expected to give themselves another eleven days off between January 17 and 28, which will help stretch the government shutdown even longer, increasing President Donald Trump’s leverage over Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

The House Freedom Caucus is calling for Congress to stay in session to work out a deal, but there is no reason for Trump to make a deal at this point: he can build the Wall with the Army Corps of Engineers by declaring a national emergency, keep the government shut down to pressure Schumer and Pelosi, and save taxpayers a billion dollars a week (enough money to build the Wall in three pay periods) by declining to give furloughed workers any back pay.

“Official position: HFC calls for House to stay in session through the weekend and next week, instead of gaveling out and taking a break,” the Freedom Caucus stated.

It’s good that Republicans are highlighting congressional laziness, but Trump’s supporters are enjoying the shutdown, and Democrats are starting to go for “physical barriers” or a “partial wall.” They can call it whatever they want so long as the Wall gets built, according to President Trump.

Democrat California congresswoman Katie Hill accused President Donald Trump of “political terrorism” in the very same interview in which she also supported “physical barriers.”

Hill joins fellow anti-Trumper Mitt Romney in caving to the president somewhat. Hill said on Fox News Saturday that many Democrats do support “physical barriers” though not a complete Wall. Romney, meanwhile, on CNN bashed Trump but still pledged to vote for Trump’s border wall.

Hill even announced on CNN that she will vote for physical border barriers.

“Look, I think that there is a lot of talk about physical barriers of some kind, and even President Trump isn’t calling it a Wall anymore,” Hill said.

This proves that it doesn’t really matter what kind of divisive rhetoric Trump’s enemies use to cover face, so long as you listen carefully to what is happening: Trump is winning.

It also proves that Trump is a negotiating master by allowing Democrats to use other terms — like “physical barriers” — instead of having to say that they support the Wall.

“I think she’s in a very tough position,” Hill said of House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

No doubt about that! President Trump enjoys all the leverage in these negotiations because his supporters want a border Wall and Democrats have been unable to intelligently explain to the American people why they are fighting so hard against it.

How many Democrats want to cave but can’t because of Pelosi?

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairwoman Rep. Cheri Bustos recently said that a “partial wall” would be “fine.”

House speaker Nancy Pelosi flatly denied Trump’s request to fund the Wall with one word: “No.” But Bustos’ statement suggests that Democrats are more willing to play ball than their leader Pelosi, as the White House has always suspected.

Bustos might realize that President Donald Trump has all the leverage in this government shutdown because his supporters do not care that the government is shut down and many Americans want the government to be shut down because they feel that the government wastes massive amounts of money paying for “non-essential” workers and functions.

“If we have a partial wall, if we have fencing, if we have technology used to keep our border safe, all of that is fine,” Bustos said on CNN.

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