ANOTHER WEEK IN PALM BEACH….Judge Grants Seven More Days For Recount

The Palm Beach County recount is not required to report now until the 20th of November, which is a week away as of this writing, and a full two weeks after Election Day.

The Palm Beach County election commissioner Susan Bucher is not a fan favorite among American citizen activists, who expressed this to her in the parking lot after a hearing regarding the duplicate ballots that her office literally made and submitted into the record.

One America News reports: “A Florida judge extends the original November 15th deadline for Palm Beach County to submit its final vote recount to November 20th. County Circuit Judge Karen Geivers announced her decision around 2-p.m. today, which followed an emergency motion filed by democrat candidate for state house Jim Bonfiglio. He leads his race against Republican Mike Caruso by just 37 votes.”

Wow, a trick play!

The Jim Bonfiglio campaign is not the center of national attention, but the governor’s contest between Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum and the senator’s race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson certainly are. Both Republicans were declared the winners of the election before the Democrats began dragging out the Overtime period with increasingly ludicrous displays of provincial power.

Bucher’s recount is already garnering wide condemnation from rational-minded people. Tom Pappert reports for BLP:

An election observer working in Palm Beach reports that workers recreated damaged ballots far away from sight for hours until the Supervisor of Elections forced them to relocate.

Damaged ballots in Palm Beach were reprinted and refilled far away from the view of overnight election observers on Saturday night, until the county’s Supervisor of Elections forced the ballot refilling to be done in a visible area.

One election observer was told these ballots had been damaged and were unable to be processed. In order for these votes to be counted, more ballots would need to be printed, and workers would need to manually transfer the each ballot’s votes to the new ballot so they could be fed into a machine.

This process happened in the circled portion of this photo:

BLP reported three days ago: As the hours go by, Palm Beach County election supervisor Susan Bucher is in violation of a judge’s order by refusing to hand over the fraudulent duplicate ballots that her office made, which replaced ballots that Bucher’s office claimed were improperly filled out.

Take a minute and process that information. The election supervisors determined that some people did not fill out their ballots correctly, so they made new ballots, filled those ballots out themselves, and fed them through the machines, officially manipulating the vote count.

Rick Scott’s campaign sued and state judge Krista Marx ruled that Bucher must hand over those fraudulent ballots beginning NOON SATURDAY. But the judge conceded that Bucher was probably not going to meet her deadline.

As the hours go by, Bucher’s shame only grows….

For some, Florida is starting to feel a little familiar…

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