Anthony Sabatini Calls on the State of Florida to Begin Expelling Illegal Aliens from the State

The situation at the southern border is undeniably precarious. 

So much so that several Texas counties have declared an invasion is taking place at the southern border. 

Additionally, the Texas state government has granted the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety the power to return illegal aliens to the southern border. 

These counties and the Texas state government have been compelled to act in that manner due to the derelict behavior of the federal government with regards to immigration. 

Conservative onlookers have watched the situation unfolding in Texas with great interest. For example, Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini is particularly energized by the action the Texas counties have taken in the face of the present migratory crisis. 

On July 6, 2022, Sabatini tweeted,

Florida MUST stand in solidarity with the Texas Border Counties by also officially declaring an invasion in our State

We have over 900,000+ illegal aliens in our State currently

This IS an invasion & it’s time for the State to begin expulsions under the 10th Amendment.


Indeed, there is a genuine invasion taking place at the southern border. What’s going on there, not what’s transpiring in Ukraine, is a real national security threat to the US. 

Serious political leaders would be wise to acknowledge that. 

Sabatini grasps the gravity of America’s border crisis, which is why he’s running for Florida’s 7th congressional district. 

The Florida State Representative is setting a new standard for populist Republicans to follow, which is why he boasts endorsements ranging from Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar all the way to Turning Point Action

Immigration restriction is a foundational bedrock of right-wing populism in America. Any Republican who is not solid on this issue is not worthy of holding higher office. 

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