Anthony Sabatini Makes it Clear that He’s in Favor of Constitutional Carry 

In the wake of the Uvalde, Texas massacre, Second Amendment supporters nationwide have been yearning for elected officials to give a principled defense of the right to bear arms. 

So far, there have been few public officials who have answered the call of duty.

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini, who is now running Florida’s 7th congressional district, has unapologetically stood for the Second Amendment during a time when media hysteria is making politicians Left and Right roll over and support gun control. 

Hilariously, one of Sabatini’s Democratic opponents, Al Krulick, thought he was slick after commenting on a Twitter video of leftists protestors calling for Texas Governor Greg Abbott to be voted out of office. Krulick tweeted, “I’m running for Congress in Florida. My likely Republican opponent, Anthony Sabatini, is committed to Governor DeSantis’ plan for “open carry.” Just what we need in the Sunshine State: more 18-year-olds with no training and no license buying AR-15s. Yeah, that’ll work. Vote Blue!”

 Sabatini deftly responded with a quote tweet of his own, “Actually, I’m for Constitutional Carry

Which is Open Carry + Permitless Carry 

And when I crush you in November & join Congress, I’ll file a Bill to repeal the NFA also!”


Sabatini’s pro-gun credentials are unquestionable.  After all, he has led the way in the Florida State legislature by introducing HB 103, Florida’s Constitutional Carry bill. 

In this time when the Left is howling for gun control, it’s more important than ever for the Right to not give an inch to the Left on the gun issue. Moreover, the Right must go on offense on this issue. Playing defense is not enough. 

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